The Use of Digital Scanners in Dentistry

The Use of Digital Scanners in Dentistry

When it comes to "digital dentistry" and digital solutions, there are many different aspects to "digitizing" the modern dental office and our approach to treating our patients with a wide range of digital devices. A visit to Vose Dental guarantees you the best care in town.

Advantages of Digital Scanners

Dentists can map their patients' oral cavities using dental digital scanning. A digital scanner is a wand-like device that connects to a computer via a cord. The computer has scanner software that assists in delivering the dental scan's final result.

Compared to traditional impressions, digital scanners cause minimal patient stress and discomfort. Anxiety and a strong gag reflex are common today, making conventional impressions impossible. Using light to replace trays and materials is ideal here. 

Digital impressions save time and allow for more complex dental impressions (in patients with undercuts or multiple oral implants). In addition to saving time and space, they help the dental technician communicate. Digital scanners are a powerful tool for modern dental practices.

Why Use a Digital Scanner Today?

The latest commercial digital scanners and intramural devices may have more clinical indications than older devices due to improved accuracy. The digital scanner eliminates the need for messy materials and painful impression trays. You can choose digital scanning over traditional scanning to avoid mouth discomfort. Less tolerant are children and patients with strong gag reflexes or excessive salivation. With digital impressions, the scan can be paused and restarted as needed if the patient is in pain.

Current clinical applications of intra-oral scanners and digital scanners are extremely broad, including fixed prosthodontics (single crowns, fixed partial dentures) on natural teeth and implants, implantology (guided surgery), and orthodontics. 

This procedure has several other benefits for patients which are mentioned below:

  • There will be less time in the chair
  • Image quality has been improved to allow for better-fitting restorations
  • Removes the need for gagging-inducing, uncomfortable, and unappealing restoration materials
  • Provides patients with more comfort and less anxiety
  • Errors and material inaccuracies are less likely to occur
  • Digitally storing impressions allows you to keep them for a longer period, saving space and ensuring efficient recordkeeping
  • It is environment-friendly because it supports a paperless environment and eliminates the need for disposable impressions and materials, as well as plastic trays.

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