Dandy Intraoral Scanner

Dandy Intraoral Scanner

An intraoral scanner is a device used in dentistry to capture optical impressions and detailed digital images of your mouth. A light source is projected from the scanner onto the area to be scanned and then the images are captured by imaging sensors as the scanner moves. The images are processed with a special software that creates 3D models of the mouth. 

What Is the Procedure? 

To begin the scanning process, the dentist inserts the intraoral scanner into your mouth and moves it over the surface of the teeth and gums. The captured images also appear on a chairside monitor in real-time. The whole scanning process takes around a minute or two to complete. Once the images are obtained, they are easily transferred, enlarged, or copied. 

What Are the Benefits of an Intraoral Scanner? 

  • An intraoral scanner is a more efficient and comfortable way to capture detailed images of the teeth and gums than other traditional methods. It eliminates the need for uncomfortable impression molds and also reduces the risk of gag reflex. 
  • Using an intraoral scanner, we can deliver a faster diagnosis and reduce treatment time. Once the teeth are scanned, the data can be immediately sent to the dental lab for fabricating the required restorations. 
  • Intraoral scanners use the latest 3D imaging technologies and capture the exact shape, size, and contours of your teeth. This enables us to get more detailed information for your diagnosis and for planning your treatment. 
  • Using an intraoral scanner makes the treatment process more transparent and helps educate patients. The 3D imaging technology delivers high-resolution images that are easily transferred, magnified, and shared.

What Are the Applications of an Intraoral Scanner? 

We use the intraoral scanner for more accurate diagnosis, for more precise treatment planning, and for fabricating dental restorations, prostheses, and orthodontic appliances. Intraoral scans are useful in reducing treatment time and ensuring better treatment results in restorative and preventive dental care as they capture more detailed, high-quality images of all the hard and soft tissues in the mouth. 

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