Cosmetic Dentistry: Myths and Facts

Cosmetic Dentistry: Myths and Facts

Most people think twice before planning to get cosmetic dentistry done. The reasons behind it are the myths that are connected to it. But to know the truth, it is best to consult experienced dentists. This way, you can better understand why cosmetic dentistry is the right choice for you, clarify things that may confuse you, and ease all the doubts that you may have about the treatments. 

Here are a few of the myths regarding cosmetic dentistry:

Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry Will Permanently Damage Your Teeth 

This myth is considered the most popular. But what debunks this myth is the motto of dentists that is to provide healthy teeth to their patients. All the treatments and procedures performed by dentists are meant to improve the functionality and appearance of the teeth. 

Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures are Painful 

Before any cosmetic dentistry treatment is done, topical numbing is performed using anesthesia. Hence, the patient would not feel the pain during the treatment. After the numbing wears off, there might be slight soreness experienced, which is normal after most dental procedures. And the patient would not remember much about the treatment or the time spent on it. 

Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry Is Only for Celebrities

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are for anyone who is conscious about their teeth and knows that they require dental treatment. They are treatments that not only enhance appearance but also increase comfort. They also help to avoid further tooth emergencies like infections in the future. 

Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Are Expensive

Treatments differ from person to person due to their specific requirements. This means prices could also differ according to the treatment required, the dentist's experience, and where the treatment would be performed. 

Myth: Over-the-Counter Solutions are Better Than Dentistry

On the contrary, over-the-counter solutions could cause harm without the involvement of an experienced dentist. It might also not provide results that are as long-lasting as those provided by in-office cosmetic dentistry. 

Cosmetic dentistry is for everyone who has stained or chipped teeth. It is also for those who have gaps and gummy smiles. It helps rectify minor to significant defects and helps patients attain good oral hygiene for a more extended period. 

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